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Welcome to Gsharpmusic

The Love and Soul Series

The Love and Soul Series is a multimedia performing arts showcase platform It promotes unseen and unsung talent from all walks of life with special attention to people overcoming hardship while continuing to strive to achieve their goals and realize their own dreams.

Whether it be hardship from poverty and homelessness, pain from grief or depression or addiction.   We want to make content that will include and inspire someone experiencing these things to try something new and utilize the gifts inside them to make a difference, to work towards tomorrow and empower them to create something special through creativity education and hard work.

Love and Soul offers:

Recording arts Producton

Live Performances 

Live Streaming Performers 

A Docuseries

Mr Pink presents...

The Love and Soul Album

The first solo album by Jamaal "Me Pink" Poston  The album is meant as an autobiographic experience through music and storytelling.  The album consists of cover musical as well as original recordings and live performances.

Tow covers The SOS Band's hit song "The Finest" is his first recording ever produced along with Johnathan Bures.  Whatcha Gonna Do for me" is the first collaboration between Mr Pink and now producer John SInbad.  "Alive again is an original song produced originally by J Sinbad and written by Jamaal "Mr Pink" Poston.  

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Empowerment Through Creativity...

Gsharpmusic was the brainstorm of Jamaal Poston Andy Green and the late Gabriel Rosales.  Two musicians and a singer from Long Beach CA   The three dreamed of starting a business that could create quality entertainment media content in challenged communities without many opportunities for artists to live off what they create by providing a means by which to create and the venues in which to showcase that art.  Gsharp wants to provide a home for unreached unseen and unsung performers.

We hope our efforts will help to save lives aiding the fight against suicide and drug addiction.  Gabriel, the "G" in Gsharp took his own life in the parking lot of an emergency room after battling illness and mental health problems caused from traumatic stress his mother being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and his diagnosis of Leukemia.  It is the belief that through our organization we might give people a reason to live another day, and that is, the chance to express themselves creatively while helping others and making an impact.

Gsharp was named after Gabriel as a way to turn something so tragic as losing your loved one to suicide into something positive empowering and inspiring.  Gabriel had a gift for bringing the most unlikely people together.




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Mission Statement

GsharpmusicLLC wants to help  economically and socially challenged neighborhoods grow and become stronger and to assist community organizations and help them to thrive helping to build or rebuild relationships with te people they serve no matter the race gender identification sexual orientation age culture or background the goal is through entertainment production and artistic expression our mission is to create it and use it to bring people closer together


We Are LGBTQ Spiritual Inc.

LGBTQ Spiritual a community hybrid organization designed to help all communities and a walks of life with a focus on the LGBTQ community as a spiritual advocate. We all have a voice to be heard and so we partner with Gsharpmusic as a way to offer a safe place to express those voices and contribute their talent to the community around them further contributing to the world then creating entertaining fundraising events which proceeds provide the necessary tools to offer those opportunities for expression and artistic growth.  These events provide jobs in the community, service and educational opportunities.

The artistic community has always been overlooked and under-funded and seen only as a novelty never considered for it's true potential many forms of positive change to divided communities and bring together the most unlikely people in the spirit of human kindness.  This company seeks to do just that.


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Here are the founding members of LGBTQ Spiritual the members consist of people of diverse backgrounds. We all come together with the same mission of support and advocacy for ALL regardless of sexual identification gender identification religion cultural or social background 

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